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A. Rob Lantka, Pennsylvania: 

"Joining the SMB Options Training Program was the best investment decision I have ever made. Prior to joining the program, I was losing money, following a flawed trading plan, and unaware of what tools and methods could train me to improve. After I joined the program, I was assigned a mentor and immediately began learning specific insights and techniques that are essential to becoming a consistently profitable options trader. I am following a detailed trading plan that fits my personality, I have the confidence to handle any type of market, and I am continuously honing my skills through purposeful practice. I would recommend this course to new traders working to establish their trading skills as well as experienced traders seeking to enhance their profitability. This is the best risk/reward play on the market! "

This testimonial was not compensated.

Derek Vanderpool, Wisconsin:

"Seth and the SMB options and mentoring program have been excellent. The materials learned through power points and videos are complimented with weekly student webinars and email support. The personal interaction with Seth has accelerated my learning curve.Prior to becoming a part of his program I was trading options, but had limited success. Seth's program helped me develop a full understanding of the instruments I am trading, which allows me to control my emotions and further my progress. Through hard work and Seth's help I am now on a path to becoming a full time option trader. "

This testimonial was not compensated.

Peterson J. Handjaja, Indonesia:

"I find SMB’s Options Training Program especially well designed to take my options trading to the next level. One of the key features of the program are the required back testing exercises.. We are all required to back trade all the strategies that we learned in the first month so by the time we trade the strategy live , we are very familiar with the characteristics of the strategy, and how it reacts to both up and down markets. The mentoring process also helps me to understand the subtle nuances of the strategies that I chose to trade. I also like the fact that during the students’ weekly gathering and through SMB’s Option Tribe, we are exposed to a variety of strategies beyond what was covered in the formal curriculum portion of the program. "

This testimonial was not compensated.

The Bearish Butterfly Strategy

"The Bearish Butterfly Strategy Course is presented by John Locke, an experienced options trader and mentor who is well known for devising unique and sophisticated options strategies. This strategy is designed to perform well in sell-offs, channeling markets and most rally situations as well. Once mastered, it can become a core monthly trade for the intermediate or advanced options trader. "

The Broken Wing Butterfly Strategy

"The Broken Wing Butterfly Strategy Course is presented by Greg Loehr, an experienced options trader, market maker, proprietary trader and mentor who has traded and taught the broken wing butterfly strategy extensively. This broken wing butterfly is essentially a directional strategy. And while any trading strategy has the potential for loss, the broken wing butterfly provides the opportunity for a profit even if the trader is wrong about direction, a better opportunity for profit if the trader is right about direction and the potential for substantial gains under certain conditions if the traders opinion as to direction, and the timing of that move, are correct. Once mastered, it can become a core monthly trade for the intermediate or advanced options trader. "

M3 Options Trading System

The M3 Options Trading System is a market neutral trading system that I have been developing over the last 5 years specifically designed to teach and educate options traders how to identify and control risk in their positions. The M3 system gives you the tools you need to help you understand your position and then explains how, why and when to apply those tools to help you become a better trader.

Regular price: $795

Heart Friendly Butterfly

The Heart Friendly Butterfly Trading System is a methodical, market neutral trading system, designed for the intermediate and advanced level options trader. The trade is designed to respond to trending, channeling and whipsaw market conditions, by persistently controlling options greeks in an easy to follow fashion.

The Heart Friendly Butterfly Strategy Four Part Video Series: $595
5 One-Hour personalized mentoring sessions: $995

SMB Options Training

Here's What's Included With Your Free
Options Tribe Basic Membership:
  • 5 High Impact Options Trading videos teaching how to apply options spreads for income.
  • The 10 part options trading email course that answers the "must-know" options trading questions.
  • Admission to the live, interactive Options Tribe meeting the first Tuesday of each month at 5pm EST.
  • Organized links and Glossary of our best articles and important options trading terms.
SMBU Options Foundation Program
SMBU Options Trader Development

The SMB Options Training is a demanding, comprehensive, and thoughtful training program

SMB's Options

Strategy Series

SMB’s Options Strategy Series provides a way for options traders to learn how to trade specific trading strategies from expert options traders who in many cases initially designed and traded the strategies personally for years.

The trading strategies are presented by the expert traders in a video format that provides trade guidelines, rules, and real-life examples. Mentoring services for these strategies are offered by SMB Training if the trader wishes to pursue this trading strategy personally.


“Joining the SMB Options Training Program was the best investment decision I have ever made. "

A. Rob Lantka, Pennsylvania:


…The SMB options and mentoring programs have been excellent."

Derek Vanderpool, Wisconsin:


“ I find SMB’s Options Training Program especially well designed to take my options trading to the next level.”

Peterson J. Handjaja, Indonesia:

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