Peak Performance Trading & Investing

A roadmap for success by a former bank trader & hedge fund portfolio manager.

The first book ever providing a clear roadmap for both Traders and Investors seeking  success in any market and on any time frame.

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Key Benefits

  1. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts at the heart of any trading methodology.
  2. A new understanding of risk that will help you to design a workable trading system, no matter what your objective are.
  3. The three-step process for a trader or investor—how to move seamlessly from a plan to flawless execution.
  4. How to prepare yourself so that you know the right decision to make and how to execute it flawlessly, every time.
  5. How to identify errors in your plan or your execution and how to fix them.
  6. The advanced psychological tools, used by peak performers from all walks of life, to help you feel calm, confident and in the zone.
Most high-level trading and investing books are typically priced at $50 and above. SMB U is committed to bringing the greatest value to as many people as possible at the most affordable price and therefore Peak Performance is priced at $19.

About Bruce Bower

Bruce Bower has been interested in the markets since he was a kid. Right out of college, he landed his dream job at a bank as a trader...only to suffer big losses in his first year. Despondent, he resolved never to lose again. He plunged into deep research and discovered the field of “Elite Performance” a decade ago. He quickly recognized its applicability to the professional world of investing and trading.


This book takes you on Bruce’s journey as he learns the nuts and bolts of elite performance, encompassing topics as varied as probability, process and psychology. After testing out many different ideas, he formulated this new approach, which led him to became a top-performing fund manager. Now you too can profit from Bruce’s research and see how it applies to your own trading and investing, regardless of your style, approach or experience.


“Peak Performance Trading & Investing” is a synthesis of his ideas on the topic and is an invaluable read for anyone serious about tackling the financial markets and turning into an elite performer.