John Has Taught Thousands of Traders and Has Discovered How to Fix One of Most Common Mistakes that Developing Traders Make...

In his experience working with so many traders -- there is a simple and sad truth that John has learned about most traders:

Most traders feel they need to accurately predict the market in order to generate profits.

That is entirely false.

The options traders that succeed long-term know how to combine probabilities and management to have a favorable risk vs. reward AND high probability of success... without guessing what the market will do in the future.

Why do traders feel the need to predict? The main reason is that the financial media is always asking the "experts" for their forecast and prediction.

Meanwhile funds and prop-firms are quietly generating positive P/L by following and adjusting to the market as it happens.

The Bearish Butterfly video series will help you develop the skills and psychology to trade like a professional, be objective, control risk, and eliminate the impulse to predict.


                                       John Locke Trades the Bearish Butterfly Live 

Not only does John Locke trade the Bearish Butterfly personally; SMB is backing John and several other options traders to trade this strategy with the firm's capital.

We are fully invested in this strategy. And we think you should invest in it too.

Are you ready to learn John Locke's Bearish Butterfly Strategy?

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Course Contents:

  >> Session #1 “Trade Guidelines”

  >> Session #2 "An Average Month"

  >> Session #3 "Dealing with Market Rallies"

  >> Session #4 "Dealing with Large Sell-offs"

  >> Session #5 "Increment Adjustability"

  >> Session #6 "Bearish Butterfly in an Extremely Bullish Market"

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