Awesome Links of the Week!

The AAPL iPad disappoints some.

Standing up for Wall Street.

The Fed leaves rates unchanged and signals it will for awhile.

Is there an incentive for the Republicans to work with President Obama?

Why populism is never successful.

In this day of omnipresent media coverage, where statements can become viral within hours, were these comments appropriate?

There is nothing more important for financial services providers than our integrity.

Thanks to @howardlindzon for sharing this interesting idea on trading sabbaticals. For me the best I can do is a week of my kindle, a private beach, and the Caribbean.

Your life is what you do and not how much you make, where you sit on an airplane, who your parents are, or where you live (it is also partly how hot your girlfriend is 🙂

Who is our Seabiscuit? Captain Sullenberger? President Obama? James Cameron? Derek Jeter? Peggy Noonan? You?

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