It’s a shame I got stopped out

Here is an exchange on our trading desk in NYC today. Trader: She got stopped out of her position today.  It’s a shame because the market has pulled back in a bit. Me: You have to trade with stops. If you were stopped out and then thereafter a stock/product/market traded in your direction too often trader laments their bad luck.  … Read More

Finding Edge in $VXX

In our SMBU Daily Video Andrew Falde takes an in-depth look at the $VXX and searches for ways to get short through systems and signals. Learn more about Systems Trading with Andrew Falde here. Enjoy the video.   * no relevant positions Please follow and like us:

Why this trader succeeded while most fail

Recently, I exchanged emails with a successful prop trader at a Tier 1 firm.  I have known him since he was deciding whether to pursue trading, while still in college.  We have kept in touch during his trading career.  He has become a *very* successful trader.  I asked him to share his thoughts on why he became successful.  Here is … Read More

Trading A Momentum Reversal–TSLA

This past week many traders sought to profit from a short trade in TSLA. Eventually it reversed dropping almost 10% in two days. But it wasn’t an easy or simple trade by any stretch. My thoughts on one way to make this trade easier… Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education in … Read More

This Trader Wanted to Quit

Mike Bellafiore, noted author and founding partner of SMB Capital tells a story of an ambitious young trader that he met while giving a presentation at a university. This trader entered the professional trading world a few years later at just the wrong time. He was ready to throw in the towel — but he stuck it out for a … Read More

Preserving Profits When You Can’t Be At Your Screen

It can be troublesome when a trade is profitable and close to its target profit, yet a big move, unattended, could severely draw down that profit. Occasionally, an options income trader simply can not be at his or her screen. Seth Freudberg discusses a solution to that. Enjoy the video. * no relevant positions Please follow and like us:

My trading is “garbage”

Hey Mike Couple of things….I’m reading my way through The PlayBook and felt I should send this GIF along…. Don’t know if I should laugh or cry at the garbage I trade.  Again, my background over the years was to make $ trading the crap.  its where I had an edge….. Obviously I no longer want to trade this way, … Read More